So What Does This Cost?

We understand that a “private tutor” evokes a sense of echelon and cost, but the quality of instruction, consistency of attendance, and completion of tasks either with or assigned by the tutor, makes it well worth it. Let us take the stress of homework, of pouring over the math book at the kitchen table, and of fights about homework, and you get one less thing on your plate at the end of the day.

Elementary Age Tutoring Services

$50 per hour

Elementary Age Tutoring Services Focusing on Literacy and Reading Intervention

$50 per hour

Middle/ High School General Education Assistance

$50 per hour

Specialty Secondary Math or Science Tutoring

$60 per hour

Secondary/ High School Special Projects

$60 per hour

SAT/ ACT Prep (if applicable)

$70 per hour


Materials Needed

Internet connection*

Computer/ laptop/ tablet*

Document camera (if able)

White board/ markers

Pencil/ paper*

Printer/ scanner*

*indicates required materials