Homework Helpers LLC

Tele-tutoring: The answer to COVID education & preparing students for success!

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We are an ASD and Mat-Su approved vendor!

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About Homework Helpers LLC

What is tele-tutoring?

Much like tele-health, tele-therapy, and distance education, Tele-tutoring takes a video chat platform, and makes it accessible for students to access online academic help. Not only does this promote social distancing by encouraging electronic meeting, Tele-tutoring can help your child become more familiar with the electronic education process, while still receiving individualized and quality instruction on a schedule that works for you, and your educational style. 

What we ask of you

We understand that at this time, being a parent is stressful, but we ask for your support to ensure student’s success. We partner with tutors that have some experience in the educational realm, however, not all are certified teachers. This allows for a flexible schedule to be provided for our clients. From the family, we ask that there is consistent attendance, a willingness to communicate your concerns and joys with the tutors, and a distraction free session environment that reduces external disruptions for the hour your child is in attendance with the tutor.